Categories: Accordion Academy

by mahlermusiccenter


Categories: Accordion Academy

by mahlermusiccenter


Proper Accordion Placement

How to properly place your accordion in a case is one of the first lessons in caring for your accordion.  Over the past 30 years, I’ve witnessed more mishaps from the improper placement of accordions in cases.  Or worst, no case at all.  Every once in a while, I’ll catch a student or professional wearing their accordion like a backpack.  I’ll comment on the dangers of that behavior in another blog.

Let’s start with what can happen if an accordion is placed or taken out of its case incorrectly.  Costs to replace keys and rods that become damaged during placement can run into hundreds of dollars.  Sometimes, we come across accordions needing repairs dating back 40-50 years. Imagine a 50-year-old accordion ending up with a couple of busted keys from improper placement.  No accordion shop in the world is going to have replacement parts for every accordion on the market today.

There are a lot of tools, techniques, and sourcing used to carefully restore valuable accordions, but sometimes the damage or inability to replace parts requires us to patch, pass or place in graveyard status.  The “G” word no accordion shop likes to talk about.

Today, I’d like to help you protect your investment by showing you how to properly place your accordion in a case.  Please visit for a visual demonstration.

For more information about accordion placement, accordions or lesson plans, please contact us at 651-224-6943.  Feel free to stop by our store or visit us online at


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