Mahler Music Center WILL BE CLOSED On July 4th, 5th, and 6th. Call 651-447-1207 if needed.

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Welcome to Mahler Music Center…

Thank you for stopping by.  I’m Ken Mahler, Owner/Operator of Mahler Music Center,  What once started as a one-room shop with a few accordions and boxes of sheet music, quickly grew into a full-service retail, repair and education center.  I buy new and pre-owned accordions (call 651-224-6943 for conditions) for all student and professional levels.

Our store has over 1,000 accordion novelty items.  Too many to put on our website, so you’ll want to stop in and browse for yourself.  Whatever you need, can most often be found here.

Titano, Hohner, Crucianelli, PanCordion, Futura, Excelsior, Excelsiola, Sonola, Planet, Morbidoni, Giuletti, Gabbanelli, Iorio, Stagi, Giustozzi, Soprani, Scandalli, DaVinci, Baldoni, Petosa, Elkavox, Del-Col, Pan Italia, Weltmeister, Piatanesi, United, International and many others.  On any given day, we typically have more than 100 new and reconditioned accordions in stock.  Each accordion is tested by our experts for quality, precision and performance.

We have over 300 songbooks for the accordion for every style of music.  We also have about 1,000 pages of sheet music dating back to the early 1800’s.  You won’t find them on our web page, but you are welcome to sift through our library.

Just as you would insure your car, home, boat or jewelry–don’t forget to insure your accordion.  Ask about our low-cost appraisal to get the protection you need.

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