• Here is another nice choice. A pre-owned 2/4 reed L/M Italian made Baldoni.

    Baldoni was from Wisconsin and imported from Italy, as do I.

    This color red is very appealing to me, and when I pass by, I feel a need to pick it up and play it for a while.

    It has a weight of 18 LBS and a keyboard length of 18 1/2 inches.

    Almost full size with the features of a smaller light weight accordion.


    $225.00 S&H

  • Here is something you don't see every day. A 120 bass, 4/5 reed (L/M/M/M) with an extended keyboard at 20 5/8" from low F to high C.

    With a weight of 26LBS and a variety of musettes, you'll be able to play all styles of music. Especially songs written for the Chromatic accordion from all around the world with the extra high notes.

    Again, it's nice to have these rare accordions available for you.


    S&H $300.00

  • Searching for an outstanding Excelsior 120 bass accordion at a great price?  Look no further. Built in the early 50’s, the reeds on this accordion have been rewaxed and perfectly tuned. This was the precursor to the Excelsior Symphony accordion. 4/5 of the finest Italian reeds (LMMH) dry tuned for that full accordion sound, 4 […]

  • If you're looking for a very nice accordion with a variety of musettes, look no further.

    This pre-owned Italian made Excelsior has everything, 4/5 sets of reeds, L/M/M/M, tuned with a light musette to an old-world musette.

    So, whether you're playing Cleavland polkas, Slovenian polkas or even French waltzes, you have it all here with this fine accordion.

    24LBS, 19 1/4" keyboard and all possible switches.


    S&H $250.00

  • I sure am proud to make this pristine but pre-owned American Made (circa 1962) Excelsior Symphony available.

    With its 4/6 sets of reeds, (L/M/M/H dry tuned) and the fastest keyboard out there, you can understand why the greats such as Magnante, Frossini, Diero, and Gala-Rini chose this accordion above all the rest.

    Streamlined built at 25 LBS with the finest handmade reeds.

    Serial # 10616


    S&H $300.00

  • This pre-owned Italian-made Giulietti Bass Accordion is designed for bass parts for band, quartet and ensemble music. Purposely crafted for the cello, bass violin, tuba, bass guitar and baritone parts. The keyboard goes from low C up three octaves to high C. I’ve only seen a handful of these special instruments in the past 35 […]

  • This pristine pre-owned Menghini Royal X Black 120 Bass Accordion has 3/5 reeds with all switching possibilities.  Lightweight at 22 lbs., and superb keyboard action make this accordion as good as any.  Low-middle-high.  19 ¼” keyboard.  As always, expect perfection with a nice accordion case and new straps. 1 in stock. Order soon. Comes with: […]

  • Any accordion built in the 60’s is built with old world craftsmanship that can’t be beat today.  This pre-owned Morbidoni Super 120 Bass Accordion has 4/5 handmade reeds, the best keyboard possible, balance and playability, all wood construction and a light musette.  I especially like this one.  24 lbs. Only 1 left in stock – […]

  • This NEW Planet Eclipse has 72 basses with a keyboard from low G to High C.

    The keyboard action is as good as it gets, and the voicing has three sets of hand-made reeds. L/M/M (The finest Made)

    And with a light weight of 16 LBS, tuned with a light musette and all wood construction, you've got yourself a dynamo of an instrument.

    The 5 switches right hand with palm and 3 switches left, add up to a 72 bass Planet Eclipse for the ages.


    $300.00 S&H