Searching for an outstanding Excelsior 120 bass accordion at a great price?  Look no further. Built in the early 50’s, the reeds on this accordion have been rewaxed and perfectly tuned. This was the precursor to the Excelsior Symphony accordion. 4/5 of the finest Italian reeds (LMMH) dry tuned for that full accordion sound, 4 on/off rocker panel switches right with palm and 3 switches left and a full size keyboard of 19 1/4. The biggest advantage with this accordion is not only the quality of the reeds and a lighter weight of 22 pounds, and is preferred by many professionals. It is not only a incredible instrument, but fun to play because of the superb keyboard action, smooth sound, and ease of play.

1 in stock. Order soon.

Comes with:

Gently used accordion case
New accordion shoulder straps
– One year warranty. Physical abuse, improper storage, heat/cold/water damage not included under warranty.

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