There are not enough words to describe this incredible instrument.

I will try however.

Imagine floating on a cloud singing and playing for the angels.

With the response of the Italian handmade reeds (The finest handmade reeds on the planet), this accordion

will feel like it’s playing all by itself.

Want more volume?

Add an amp, and with the condenser pick-ups, you’ll play for the cosmos.

Hey, and use the MIDI connection with a nice module, you’ll have them dancing all throughout heaven.

24 LBS, 19 ¼ inch keyboard, 4 sets of reeds (L/M/M/H), concert tuned, double tone chamber with all possible tonal switches,

120 bass with all possible switches round out this most desirable accordion on the Planet.

So, with look, style, ease of play and the best accordion sounds available, along with state of the art everything,

make your own piece of heaven here on earth.

This accordion was built to my specs in Italy by Serenellini. Known as the Imperator IV professional.

$12,995.00  S&H $400.00


– One year warranty. Physical abuse, improper storage, water/heat/cold/accidental damages not included under warranty

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