by Deb Vosejpka


by Deb Vosejpka


Why it’s So Important to Create Videos of Your Favorite Accordion Players

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• Word Document (Up to 500 words)
• Must be new and original content, no copyright infringement.
• Byline required and relationship to Accordionist
• USA Accordionists Only (for now)

Videos:  Youtube or Vimeo

• Up to 10-15 links depending on space

• In lieu of performance videos, consider a personal interview.

• We will post on our Youtube channel if you don’t have one.

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• 10-12 pictures

• Individual or band.

• Profile picture must high-quality portrait of the accordionist.


• Professionals

• Students

• Hobbyists

• Retirees (Professional)

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What’s Your Legacy?

by Ken Mahler/Deb Vosejpka

Recently, we invited our Facebook friends to share the names of their favorite accordionists.  The response was ecstatically overwhelming.  Names of professionals, relatives and family friends were all in the mix.  In an effort to acknowledge all of the candidates, we discovered a large absence of online videos, and in a couple of situations, a lack of pictures to share with our audience.

Technology offers ease and significant opportunity to take pictures, record videos, and live stream performances.

 We at Mahler Music Center, not only take great strides to preserve the accordion, but we are committed to honoring and showcasing our fellow accordionists.  With cell phones and digital capabilities available today, there’s no better time than the present to share the lives and accomplishments of our past and present musicians.   Effective immediately, we are building a legacy library on our website featuring accordionists here in the US.

Complimentary page to include a bio, a list of videos and commemorative pictures.

We’ll provide the platform, you provide the content.  Now, you can help leave a legacy for your cherished accordionists on our website — free of charge.  While we set up a hub on our website for managing all of our tributes, you could be gathering valuable data and digital content.  All we ask is that you keep your content in the spirit of the accordion and the accordionists.  Pictures must contain both.

Don’t know how to write a bio?  No worries, here’s a link with simple steps to help you get started:

No music videos?  Consider creating a video using Microsoft’s video creator with pictures.  This app is free.  Personal interviews work too!

Personal interviews work too!

What’s even better than the Legacy Library of Accordionists?

As a courtesy to our contributors, we’ll also showcase each individual legacy to our blog and social media channels.  This one-stop resource hub makes it easy and convenient for accordion enthusiasts around the world to enjoy all styles and cultures of music played on the accordion and gain greater exposure around the world!

For submissions or more information, please email:  [email protected].  Please include MMC Bio in the subject line.

No gimmicks, no obligation, no purchase necessary.  All contributions will be posted on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Pilot program criteria, layout and content are subject to change.



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