Titano Accordion 120 Bass Student Model Up For Adoption

Mahler Music Center is proud to present Ricci, our newest arrival.  Ricci, is a Titano Accordion 120 Bass Student Model.  The perfect 2-reed gender neutral accordion for beginning students from ages 7 – 16.

Ricci is light-weight and Italian-made with pristine craftsmanship.  There are very few available on the market in this beautiful pearl and gold design.  Made from real wood (not cheap plastic, inferior reeds, or a spring-loaded stamped keyboard) this baby is the perfect starter accordion!

FREE Lessonshttps://accordionheaven.com/lessons/lessons-1/

This fully tuned, pre-owned two reed accordion (bassoon/clarinet) is affordably priced and now ready for adoption.  For more information about Ricci, please call Mahler Music Center at 651-224-6943. Be sure to ask about our customized lessons from Ken Mahler, Instructor or our Accordion Classroom Instruction Series.

1 In-Stock, Order Soon

Comes with:

Accordion Case

New Shoulder Straps

1-year warranty.  Physical abuse, improper storage, water/heat/cold/accidental damage not included in warranty.

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