• Wow! Here's another nice pre-owned Italian made 2/4 reed L/M accordion.

    Complete with 3 switches right hand, (bassoon, clarinet, master) and two, left hand.

    Again, perfectly tuned and I set all reeds to play with the same perfection.

    17-inch keyboard and 17 LBS round out this wise choice.


    $200.00 S&H

  • Back by popular demand a Cordovox 120 bass accordion, tada! Designed for the professional in the late 50’s, early 60’s, this beautiful pre-owned Italian made accordion was really the cat’s meow. While lasting for decades, eventually the electronics became obsolete, however, the acoustic accordion was constructed from that same old world craftmanship that you could […]

  • If you're looking for a beautiful light weight pre-owned accordion for a child, (perhaps your daughter), look no further.

    This powder blue Crucianelli with 2/4 sets of reeds L/M, has everything she'll need.

    Only 15 LBS, a keyboard at 16 inches and an ease of play unsurpassed by any other.

    I love this little darling.


    $150.00 S&H

  •   Built in the early 60’s, this fine pre-owned Excelsior Accordiana was built with superior craftsmanship. Expect the best keyboard at 17 1/2″, balance and lightweight of 18 lbs., and a 3 reed reconfiguration of low-middle-high. So, if you’re shopping for a nice lightweight accordion that practically plays itself; look no further. 1 in stock. […]

  • With the exception of a little wear on the chrome on the grill, this pre-owned Imperial Accordion is virtually pristine. Built in the early 1960s, it has 120 basses, 18 1/4 inch keyboard, 3 sets of reeds (LMH), with 7 switches right and 3 switches left. This is a great playing instrument and at this price, a deal to boot.


    1 in stock. Order soon.

    Comes with:

    Gently used accordion case New accordion shoulder straps Warranty - One year warranty. Physical abuse, improper storage, heat/cold/water accidental damage not included under warranty.

    Questions about our accordions, repairs, lessons or appraisals -- call 651-224-6943

  • Our Lindo 120 Bass Accordion has seven switches right with palm and 3 switches left, three reeds (low, middle, high). What can I say, this beautiful accordion plays as well as it looks. Italian made, pre-owned and of course with the Mahler Music guarantee, this baby is perfect for beginner, intermediate or advanced. It best part is being its weight and playability.

  • I can't get enough of these 2 reed accordions. They are in demand all the time.

    Of course, they all need help before they can be made public. But his is what I do best.

    This gorgeous blue pre-owned Italian made Morbidoni has a 16 1/2-inch keyboard and a weight of 17 LBS.

    Whether you're buying your 1st accordion or making a step up, you can't go wrong with this class of accordion.

    All possible switches, perfect tuning and playability, light weight, looks and the Mahler warranty make this the wisest choice.


    $200.00 S&H


  • Here we have a gorgeous pre-owned Italian made 120 bass accordion.

    Expect this light weight Morbidoni (16 LBS) to play as well as any 2/4 reed accordion anywhere. L/M

    The 4 switches right hand allow for all possible sounds from anywhere on the keyboard.

    Of course, also expect the Mahler warranty of one year.


    S&H $175.00

  • Here is a beautiful pre-owned Scandalli with 2/4 reeds, L/M with 3 switches for bassoon, clarinet and master.

    A weight of 18 LBS with excellent playability.

    If you're looking for a unique look, this color red is perfect. There is, however, a small decoration missing on the grill, but it does not affect the play in any way.

    As always, expect perfect tuning with perfect playability.


    $200.00 S&H


  • Nice starter accordion, with musette.


    $150.00 S&H