Classic Planet Gold 120 Bass Accordion



Introducing our “New” Classic Planet Gold 120 Bass Accordion.  I’ve been waiting a very long time to have an accordion that I can honestly the best of the best to offer my customers. This brand new Planet Gold is a double tone chamber, special handmade reeds (low/middle/high), tuned 440 Hz. I’m a keyboard nut, and I can say that this is the finest keyboard of any I’ve played and I’ve played a lot.  A bass section that’s so quiet and responsive, you barely have to pull the bellows. If you play like I do, I expect the instrument to handle all the subtleties I need to play classical, sweet ballads with all the ornamentation, and virtually everything else.

Expect the finest woods in its construction with perfect left and right-hand balance. I ordered this particular instrument with state of the art, simple Midi (so the grill isn’t scarred from the program panel installation.), and Sennheiser condenser pick-ups, module not included.  You need to play this accordion to really appreciate what a truly fine instrument this Planet Gold is. This instrument will hold its value as with any instrument of this caliber.  Weight 25 lbs.


Only 1 left in stock – order soon.  

Comes with:

New Accordion Case

New Italian-Made Accordion Straps


– One year warranty. Physical abuse, improper storage, water/heat/cold/accidental damages not included under warranty

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