Accordion Classroom I Advanced Beginner Level 2 and 3 I Ken Mahler, Instructor

Hi, I’m Ken Mahler, owner/operator of Mahler Music Center I We’re located just of Seventh Street in St. Paul, which is also known as the gateway to St. Paul.

Welcome to the advanced beginner level of Accordion Classroom. This video corresponds to Palmer-Hughes Accordion Course Books 2 and 3 instruction series. There is nearly two years worth of training in this level, so be sure to stop each lesson often and learn it thoroughly before moving onto the next.

You’ll be expected to read music, and if you don’t, take the now to eight notes, just C through C (that’s one octave), and if you have no intention of reading, this video will show you how the songs are played. With the number of exercises and ornamentation that I show, will help you play better.

You’ll be expected to know 3/4 and 4/4 time using alternating basses in the left hand. If you notice a song or two that’s omitted, pay no attention, it will not affect your learning. It’s just due to the amount of material in this video and time constraint.

So if you’re ready, let’s go.

Before I move into the Palmer-Hughes Accordion Course, I need to recap a couple of things you should know. First, the left 4/4 and 3/4 bass patterns using alternating basses (demonstration). First is the 4/4 time. You have to know this. Here’s how it goes (demonstration). Take that pattern and move it up to G and then back to C. You’ll also need to know it in 3/4 time (demonstration).

Be sure to know this well, because this is an important part before you can move on to this song. It’s important to know the C position on the right hand (demonstration). Ken further demonstrates the scale and stresses the need to be able to read these notes.

Take an extra five minutes to view this video to learn valuable accordion lessons and tips.


To continue this lesson, you’ll need the Accordion Classroom Advanced Beginner Level 2 and 3 tutorial, coupled with the Palmer-Hughes Accordion Books 2 and 3.

Palmer-Hughes Book 2       Palmer-Hughes Book 3

Accordion Classroom Advanced Beginner


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