Ken Mahler is busier than ever keeping up with accordion repairs, virtual lessons and giving his retail music store a well-deserved facelift. 

Ken Mahler is busier than ever keeping up with accordion repairs, virtual lessons and giving his retail music store a well-deserved facelift. 

 There’s no better time than now to take virtual lessons, get your accordion repaired, or stop in if you’re in the neighborhood.

In the midst of COVID-19, Ken Mahler, owner of Mahler Music Center,, began noticing a significant increase in demand for accordion repair, maintenance, and tune-up work despite a global pandemic.

For many accordion owners, lockdowns gave them an opportunity to learn new accordion skills, songs and techniques.  For others, it was a chance to renew their passion for the instrument.  Some even went so far to say that they did not know how they would keep their sanity without the creative outlet.

Today, Ken Mahler has emerged by offering online accordion classes to new and existing students to help them gain the skills they need to play the accordion correctly.  Enthusiasts and prospective students from all over the country have reached out to Ken Mahler (  for advice and availability of accordions to fit their individual needs. Mahler Music Center has a full array of new and pre-owned piano and button accordions coupled with concertinas, sheet music, accordion cases, accessories, and much more.

Celebrating 37 years of steady growth

 Ken Mahler started his own accordion store in 1983 after spending several years working for Terlinde Music Center. “I started this business to help keep the instrument alive, offer a new perspective about what the accordion represents, and provide a one-stop shopping center for all things accordion”. What started out as a small 8’ x 10’ room for lessons, sheet music and a small selection of accordions is now a museum of commercial products, and rare antiquities not found anywhere else in the world.

Today, Ken offers one of the largest varieties of accordion instruments in the United States, along with highly specialized repair services, individualized lessons for all ages, rare novelties, and the largest collection of accordion sheet music in the world.   When you shop here–especially for the first time, you’ll see why it is called accordion heaven!

Mahler Music Center – serves accordion enthusiasts throughout the country and globally.  Many have commuted all the way from California, New York, and Canada.  Others from Europe have made it a point to stop in while visiting friends living in the Midwest. Fortunately, Ken speaks intermediate Spanish and Italian which helps with assessing and understanding the needs of his non-native customers.

To give you a sense of Ken’s loyal customer base, one of his departed customers, Ernie Kocera, drove all the way from Nebraska in the middle of the winter just to pick up a few action springs. Ernie even filmed a video as he made his approach to the store.

If the accordion retail shop, lessons, novelties, accessories, and sheet music aren’t enough, you might appreciate Ken’s initiative to acquire his specialized training in electronics technology early in his career.  To be able to warranty most of his products up to a year, Ken repairs all instruments himself.  That’s right, one year (physical abuse, improper storage, water/heat/cold/accidental damages not included under warranty unless otherwise agreed)!  You won’t find a warranty like that on Amazon or Ebay.

Mahler Music Center buys pre-owned resalable accordions

When asked what sets his shop apart from his competition, Ken said: “Passion for the instrument, variety of accordions for all ages, personalized instruction, appraisals and repairs…all under one roof.”  Ken goes on to say: “If a pre-owned accordion can be saved without extraordinary expense to repair, I’ll do my best to restore it and give it a good home.”

Getting back to all the renovations going on inside the shop.  For those of you who have had the pleasure of visiting, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see all the improvements.  It is brighter and much more spacious.  But don’t take our word for it, stop in and see for yourself. For those of you who haven’t, you’ll find his quaint little shop to be an accordion lovers dream.  It is conveniently located at: 907 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55102.

Beyond Ken’s strong work ethic and a high standard for quality, you’ll find Ken’s passion for the accordion contiguous.  His mission to preserve and protect the accordion has been tested during the most difficult and economic times over the past three decades.  He continually practices his trade through instruction and repairs.  Highly experienced, educated, and knowledgeable about accordions and the industry, Ken offers a wealth of information and history.

For questions or more information about products and services offered at Mahler Music Center, feel free to call 651-224-6943 Monday – Saturday from 10 am – 2 pm.   You may also find what you’re looking for at Other hours available by appointment.


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